Thursday, 27 March 2014

How to make those awesome Chalkboard Signs- the easy way

If you've fallen madly in love with the gorgeous fad of chalkboard lettering like I have, but don't have the typography ~skillz~ of Dana Tanamachi, then perhaps I can help.

I made this chalkboard sign completely from scratch for less than $5.

How to:
You will need:
-a piece of plywood (I got this almost cardboardy stuff at Home Depot for about a dollar per 2'x2' piece)
-a sample size of black (or any colour, really) matte paint+primer- around $5 at Home Depot
-about a tablespoon of unsanded grout (mooched some off my cousin)
-chalk. Any chalk. I got a buttload sized box from target for just over a buck.
-paint pens (eBay. A dollar each. AND they come in lots of colours.)
-your design printed out to size (you may need to use multiple pages and tape them together)
-a pencil (and a sharpener, because it's going to get reaaaally dull.)

The doin':
1. Thoroughly mix the grout with the paint and then paint your plywood, making sure to give it a good coat. Let it dry overnight.
2. Print out your design at full size. You can make your own, or use the free printable below.
3. Rub chalk all over the BACK of your printed design.
4. Being careful to keep your design straight, place it ink side up/chalk side down on what is now your chalkboard.
5. Using a pencil, colour with firm pressure over the printed portion of your design- this will transfer the chalk onto the chalkboard. (This is a good task to do with your partner(s)- which also makes it go much faster)
6. You should now have a faint copy of your design on your chalkboard. Mist it lightly with hairspray. This will keep the chalk from moving around too much.
7. Go over your design with the paint pen to make it brighter and more permanent.
Tuh duh!

The printable:
 All of the fonts (including the frame) came from either or were stock fonts in Photoshop.
If you plan to share this printable, please link back to me.

Now you can create as many chalkboard signs as you want!

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