Thursday, 5 December 2013

Buy it or DIY it: Flower Crowns

So flower crowns are super in... for going to music festivals, as wedding accessories, for wearing to your next Mason Jar convention... for pretty much anywhere that you want to feel extra pretty.
However, seeing as I'm over the age of 17 and I rarely wear jorts (jean shorts for those of you that aren't cool enough to be in-the-know) and NEVER wear bikini tops instead of shirts, I'm pretty sure that the only time I'm ever going to be able to pull one off is at my wedding. I also think that my four-year-old niece/flower girl will look insanely adorable wearing one, especially in combination with what she has been calling her "Harry Potter princess dress"- I have yet to figure out exactly what her imagination has decided this is, but I assume that purple and tulle will play a large role.

So I went a-searchin' on the internets to try and find some purdy flower crowns that she and I can don for the big day.

And obviously this one from WhichGoose is gorgeous, but at nearly a hundred bucks a pop, they're a lot out of my price range.

So I took a closer look and thought to myself, "I could totally make that." (as I pretty much always do with crafts, because I'm ambitious and arrogant and assume that I can conquer anything, so long as I have a glue-gun in my hand.)

And here's how I managed to save myself a lot o' money:

What you'll need:

1. Artificial Flowers- Smaller is better unless you're going for that massive boho look. I got mine at a dollar-type store for $2 a sprig, but I suggesting checking eBay for their huge selection.
2. Florist Wire- This is a roll of 18 gauge Rustic Wire by Oasis that I got at Michael's for $7.
3. Any other accessories you might want to add. (I put the pearls on my bridal crown, but here I'm just going to show you how I made my niece's- don't want to spoil the surprise!) If you like them, you can find them on eBay here.
4. A glue-gun and sticks.
Optional- Wire cutters. I learned that big, hefty scissors work, but my hands sure would have appreciated some lil snipperoonies.

So with two sprigs of flowers and one roll of wire, my total cost was just $11 per crown (and I used the one roll of wire for both crowns with plenty left over)- not too shabby!

So now to start assembling.

Take your wire and start articulating it in about one inch wide curves. Keep doing this until you have something about the size of your head.

Once your crown is big enough to fit your head, cut it off of the rest of the roll leaving about two inches to spare on either side.

Wrap the spare ends together to keep the crown together and to keep the sharp ends from poking out.

Now do the same with another piece of wire in the opposite direction.

Wrap the ends around the other wrapped portion.

Now it should look like this. Pretty, right? Just wait until it's all flowery. OoOoOoh.

The flowers I chose have wired stems- this comes in pretty handy when you're attaching them. Leave them with a nice, long stem when you detach them from their sprig-buddies.

Then strip the rubber/plastic decorative crap off. We ain't gon' be needin' that.

Twist the wire around a crossing section of the crown. This will both secure the crown into shape and attach the flower to the crown. Then add a dollop of glue to the back to keep it in place and to cover any pointy wire bits that might become annoying head-stabby bits in the future.

You can spread your flowers evenly or group them together or... whatever the heck ya want! It's crafts! WOOOOH. Fun.

Mix in different kinds of flowers, different greenery, cover half the crown, the whole crown, just put on one flower, drown the thing in flowers. WHATEVS. It's your party, and you'll glue if you want to.

Et voila! You have a pretty flower crown that you can subtly mention you made. All of the time. Because it makes you feel good when people go "really?!" and you get to act a little bit smug.

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