Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nana's Antique Singer

So in the next week or so I will be returning the sewing machine that I've been borrowing for the last year or so to my friend Ash, who very graciously lent it to me while she wasn't using it.
Normally I would have been freaking out thinking "I can't afford to go and buy another sewing machine! How am I ever going to be able to make my clothes??"
Thankfully, however, since we moved into our new and much bigger (600 sq ft vs our last apartment at 312 sq ft) apartment I've been able to get my antiques and furniture back out of storage. In amongst those antiques is a beautiful Singer sewing machine that my Nana once owned and that my mum actually learned to sew on (and made her prom dress on.)

I haven't sewn on it yet, but yesterday I did open it up and plug it in to make sure that everything works on it.

It's built into this beautiful table and folds out of the top.
I'm totally terrified by it, even though I know that it's survived a heck-of-a long time and that the odds of me breaking it are pretty slim.

I wanted to learn more about the actual machine, so I Googled and came across this website. You can search for the serial number imprinted on the machine and it will tell you what year it was made in.

Did my little search and learned that this machine was made in 1952. So this classy lady is in her 60's and looking great- this machine is older than my mum is!

Then it was time to see if the fairly primitive looking plug still functioned...

Low and behold, I pushed the thigh pedal and the ol' girl sprung into life!

So thanks to Nana and some pretty great mid-century craftsmanship, I still have a sewing machine! It'll require a little TLC to make sure that she keeps running smoothly, but I feel like a little WD40 and a bit of dusting is worth it.
Unfortunately, though, it doesn't have a zig-zag stitch function, so I'll quickly have to whip up a tutorial on that before I give Ash back her machine, and then I'll have to go and buy a twin needle for doing my edging- which will, of course, have a tutorial to match.

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