Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kissing bells, meet ribbon wands. Now KISS!

I'm sure that around the internetsland of wedding DIY's you've come across kissing bells and ribbon wands... well here's how you can make a combination of the two!

Kissing bells will save your glassware from getting broken (our in our case, make it so that we can use plastic cups) and they're also not as loud and obnoxious as the tinking of glasses.

So to start of you will need:

Wood dowel- I got 3 ft long pieces for $.49 a piece at Michaels which I then sawed into three pieces. You can also buy them in sets of 15 precut into 1 ft lengths, but they're $4.99 a pack.
Ribbon- I used two different colours and widths of picot edged ribbon. You'll want about 1 ft lengths, so make sure that you have enough feet of ribbon on a roll per wand you plan to make.
Bells- I got 100 silver jingle bells off eBay. I wish that I had gotten slightly bigger ones, because the ones that I got aren't very loud
Hot glue and a glue gun.
Measuring tape.
Masking Tape.
Optional: A fine tipped permanent marker.

So first you're going to need to peel the labels off of your dowel. It took me about fifteen minutes just to do this cleanly. Luckily I was watching Kitchen Nightmares, so Chef Ramsey was doing the frustrating swearing for me.

Next measure out 12 inches and put a marker on a table with masking tape.
Use this to measure and cut your lengths of ribbon.

Make sure to keep your ribbon tidy so it doesn't end up as a big, knotted mess.

Next use your tape marker to measure 1 ft increments on your dowel. If you do one from one end and one from the other, you will end up with three equal sections.

Then you will cut along your markings with a saw. Carefully. And preferably with a partner. And ending this project with all of your original digits.

This next step is totally unnecessary, time consuming, and adorable. I added the saying "If you want us to kiss, you have to ring this!" with a fine-tipped marker to all of them. Pain in the ass. Super cute.

Now if you are using multiple colours of ribbon line them up ends overlapping.

Using about an inch of glue from the end, attach them together.

Using a pea-sized dab of glue, attach the end of your dowel to the ribbon.

Now add another inch-ish long line of glue and roll the ribbon around the end of the dowel.

You'll want to make sure that your jingle bells function properly... I attached a couple of jingle-less bells before realizing and then I had to remove them and replace them with bells that worked. Luckily I have about 45 extra bells here, so a few lemons weren't a huge deal.

To attach your bell put a pea-sized blob of glue on the tip of your dowel and give it a couple of seconds to cool down a bit- not completely, just enough so that you can still poke your bell into it and have it stay there.

Tip your wand mostly upside-down so that the ball inside of the bell doesn't get stuck in the glue (another thing I learned along the way) and hold the bell in place until the glue has cooled solid.

And that's it! Repeat about 5-500 times depending upon your wedding size and you'll have a pretty send off, and safe crystal.

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