Sunday, 17 November 2013

Buy it or DIY it: Feather Boutonnieres

On this week's episode of Buy it or DIY it, we take a look at some beautiful Etsy feather boutonnieres that you can buy and later I'll show you how to make your own for a fraction of the cost.

As someone who is both a. crafty and b. cheap I almost always choose the DIY route. I like knowing that I can customize things to my own personal taste AND get them for a lot cheaper than I would pretty much anywhere else.

For our wedding we wanted to have something a little bit different for the lads, we're also having a Harry Potter themed wedding, so what better to have than feather quills instead of boutonnieres?! They won't wilt, you don't have to worry about picking them up from the florist and they add the perfect amount of whimsy!

So here are some lovely Buy it options from Etsy if you would rather make the splurge and pay for them in money instead of suffering mild glue-gun burns.

From Kirahley Kreations for $17 each:

From Love Mimosa Fleur for $11 each:

And from Corrine O'Neill for $12 each:

But when we're going to need nine of these bad boys, spending more than $100 without including shipping on boutonnieres seems a bit ridiculous to me.

So here's how you can make your own Feather Quill Boutonnieres:

What you'll need:
A selection of feathers in your preferred colours- I got all of my feathers off of eBay, mostly from House of Adorn - $23
Ribbon that is about 1 cm wide- I got a whole roll from my local fabric store and I'll be using it for a LOT of wedding crafts- $3 (for the whole roll)
Glue gun and low heat glue sticks- I always have these lying around
Optional: Quill Pen Nibs- I got ten off eBay for just over a dollar.

So all total this craft cost me around $27 and I made 9 boutonnieres and had a whole lot of feathers left over for future crafts! So these cost me a total of less than $3 a piece!

This craft is pretty easy so long as you have opposable thumbs and a heckofalot of patience.

Start by playing around with your feathers.

See what they do when you bend them...

Check out what it looks like when you layer them.

I decided to go with a layering of goose feathers.

Now you're going to have to pick out the ones that curve in the direction that you want them to. The boutonniere is usually worn on the left side of the chest, so you'll want your feathers to curve away from the centre of the chest.

The feather on the right is perfect. The one on the left, not so much.
Now choose the feathers that are in the best shape, curve the right way and are the right size and group them together so that you have all of your feathers chosen and ready to go.

Now you can start gluing those bad boys together!

Put about a half-of-a-pea-sized (very specific, I know) dollop of glue on the point of your bottom feather that you plan to have all of the feathers intersect at and then smoosh your next feather into it. I suggest going from boutonniere to boutonniere gluing pairs of feathers at a time so that each has some time for the glue to cool down and solidify.

Try to keep all of the feathers flowing to the same point, it'll keep things tidier for later.

If you're going to add a quill nib to the end of your boutonniere, you're going to want to trim off all but one of your feathers. This will give you a single, thin end on which to put your nib.

Glue the end of your ribbon to your boutonniere, starting from the connecting point of your group of feathers.  Wrap your ribbon down your boutonniere, adding glue dots as you go to help keep it in place. If you are planning to add a quill nib, leave the end of the feather that you left untrimmed bare, if not, cover the entire bottom and secure the ribbon in place.

To add your quill tip, cut the end of your feather on an angle...

Then push the nib on and secure it with glue.

And now you've got your own custom feather boutonnieres for super cheap!

I wish that I had been a little bit more careful gluing the ribbon in place- it looks a bit chunky, but all-in-all, I'm pretty pleased with how they all turned out.

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